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our family

When I first got Mara - a red, curly, F1b Mini Goldendoodle - I had no idea the  invaluable friendships I would make through her Instagram, @simplymaravelous. Thousands of other like-minded young women (and a few gents) enabled me to be the cliché Martha Stewart dog mom I always wanted to be - throwing birthday parties, making homemade dog toys and treats, organizing community dog walks, and coordinating charitable dog fundraisers. 

About a year and a half after getting Mara I met my super handsome future husband, firefighter/paramedic, pilot, dog dad extraordinaire and his two English labs, Tucker (13) and Logan (7). Mara and I instantly fell in love with all three of the boys and after about 6 months we combined the families and moved in together.  


In October of 2020, Tucker tragically passed away from a long life of love and happiness. I created Tuck Tuck Goose to act as a playful, organic extension of our social media presence, consolidating all our personal experiences and experiences learned from others into one easily-accessible, fun, and entertaining website, and paying homage to our sweet and obedient boy, Tuck. 

MORE TO COME about our little fam... stay tuned.

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