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the ultimate dog lover's

tuck tuck goose is a dog-centric lifestyle website that gives you honest reviews, informative blog posts, and adorable photos.

meet our family

Happy white English Lab laying in the grass

Tuck Tuck Goose is the brainchild of Founder and Main Contributor, Tucker. While he has stepped down from his 13 years as President to take on the role of Logan's and Mara's Guardian Angel, his legacy lives on through the content of this site. 


We love and miss him dearly. 

Cute and adorable tan and apricot Goldendoodle Puppy

Mara, our Social Media Marketing and Relationship Management guru, brings her 3 years of experience to TTG's social and community outreach activities. 

Her most notable achievement while working for TTG has been raising almost $300 for our 2019 Friendsgiving fundraiser.

Wet white English Lab playing in the lake

Logan, a world-renowned food critic, brings his 7 years of experience in  homemade and store-bought treat consumption to TTG's recipe creation.


In addition to being our resident taste tester, he is TTG's food stylist and author of all our food-related blog posts. 

the dog blog

beach days, grooming tips, favorite products, and much more! check out our blog for tons of great info and answers to all the questions you didn't know you had!

our favorite products and toys

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